About us

A vibrant and welcoming community centre in the heart of the Park District Weymouth, (just a few streets back from the beach or the railway station) The centre offers something for everyone. From sports and exercise to workshops and community activities, whatever you want to do in the community get in touch or just simply pop in and see us.  Have a look at our  MESSAGE SITE to see the whole list of what goes on! Every club has its own message section for all to use and communicate with each other.

Initially funded by the regeneration scheme and then lottery funding, The Waterside Weymouth Community Forum is a Registered Charity, set up over 15 years ago. In November 2006 we moved into the Park Church Hall and became the first active Community Centre in the area. Since which time it has become the foundation stone of a united, informed and socially aware Community within the Park Area of Weymouth.

The centre is run by the Waterside Community Forum,  there are no paid employees, all work is carried out by volunteers, All funding is achieved through applications for grants and donations as well as the odd bit of fund raising. We are always in need of more volunteers, and it doesnt matter what your own skills might be we can certainly find a use for them at the centre.

We are community led, if there is a need for a course or group and we can either get funding to cover the cost of the course or group, or there is a strong enough comittment from the community to cover the costs of the sessions they we will try our hardest to satisfy that need. So if you want to start up a new group and need some space, why not pop along and see if we can  help you. We can offer a place on our message boards as well as some basic advertising for your group within our newsletters and community boards .

But volunteers are always in demand, even if it is only for 1 hour a week, if you could give us some of your time on a regular basis we can offer more back to the community.

Introducing your Committee

Chairman – John Morse

Treasurer— Dave Burchill

Home watch Co-ordinator—Laurie Lloyd

Committee Members

(in alphabetical order)

Rose Brookes

Genny Burchill

Dave Burchill

Thomas Doggett-Hill

John Hutton

Shirley James

Shirley Keating

Laurie Lloyd

John Morse

Cynthia Riggs

Wendy Spenceley