Old Youth Worker…..New Vicar! 

Last month I had the privilege of taking up the post of Vicar of St John’s Church.

My name is Tom Coopey and if we haven’t met yet then I look forward to meeting you soon. This is a return to Weymouth for Susie and I as we lived here from 2003 -2008 when I was the local youth worker. Lots of the youth work we did was based at the Park Church Centre and I hope to run into some of our ‘old’ members in the coming weeks. I’m also glad to hear that the Park Church Centre is still being really well used by young people.  We now have four children, Noah (8), Poppy (6), Isaac (4) and Jacob (1) and we’re all enjoying being here and, of course, being so close to the beach. Please do come and say hello if you see me around.

You are all of course very welcome to come to St Johns. Our main service is 10.30am each Sunday, with groups for children and young people. We’ll also keep you updated about other events and groups that we run. I hope to meet you all over these coming weeks and months and I’m really looking forward to continuing the partnership between the church and the Community Forum.