Working with You’

Working with You’ aims to deliver positive area improvements and to place communities at the heart of partnership working practices, focussing on the area of Melcombe Regis, A community consultation event was held in Melcombe Regis in January and an exercise has been undertaken to identify what work organisations have underway or planned in the area. A ‘Jigsaw’ Event was held in July, which brought together community representatives and a wide range of organisations to share the findings of the community consultations and identify what targeted work can be undertaken to deliver local improvements.  All of this information has been collated into a draft action plan for Melcombe Regis, which highlights a wide variety of projects and potential future projects.

Project progress will be reported through the Waterside Community newsletter, local press and the Weymouth & Portland Partnership website.

We would welcome your comments on the Draft Melcombe Regis Action Plan, which is available to view at  – Working with You