Sing for your Health

 Did you know that singing is good for you?  When you learn new songs, it’s really good for your brain.  Singing can help you breathe better and improve your posture. It can give you a sense of purpose and achievement – but most importantly, you are taking part in a shared activity, which helps boost your spirits while getting together with other people. 

Waterside Singers are looking for more members, so please do come in and join us.  We are a singing group rather than a choir, and we just sing for the pleasure of singing – you don’t need to be an expert singer to join us!  We sing songs and rounds, and sometimes we include harmonies – a good way to keep your mind stimulated, while learning something new and having fun.

Our next session is on Monday 8th January – we start with a warm up at 2.15, and then sing until 3.30.   Sessions are great value at £2.50.