Car parking area review

The feedback from the County Parking Officer

  • The parking policy as it is for our district and others is out of date and needs reviewing. This can only happen if we let the County know what we feel.
  • Parking Officers have to cover over 2,500 streets and usually about 8-10 are on duty at any time. Evening patrols have a health and safety issue as the Officers would need to patrol in pairs.
  • The County will review the number of permits issued to the number of households, guest houses, hotels
  • The MiPermit is often unavailable by telephone on weekends and getting a refund for unused time when no spaces are available is difficult
  • Can use be made of empty car parks for permit holders?
  • Should there be visitor parking permits?
  • Should the one hour parking be reviewed?

A more detailed report is available at the Park Centre on Chelmsford Rd if you want more information. Or you can read it online.

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