1. MiPermit: Discussed but there is no possibility of paper permits again, digitalisation of permits and tickets are the perceived way forward.

Lack of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s). There are 8-10 officers per day to 2,500 streets. The one- hour wait causes difficulties, the CEO has to visit a car at least twice before a ticket can be given. There are too few CEO’S to patrol in the evenings on a regular basis. Safety implications mean that CEO’S have to patrol in pairs.


  1. The Officer agreed that there was an imbalance between the availability of space and eligible permit applicants. He felt that the existing residents permit policy was out of date and not fit for purpose in 2018. He felt that possibly the allocation of permits needed reviewing and the numbers issued to Hotels/Guest houses and businesses were perhaps too generous. However, the Council have to follow their existing policy for the allocation of permits. The policy can only be reviewed by the Permit Holders asking for a Policy Review.


  1. The Parking Services will look at the number of permits to spaces and underline the imbalance.

To investigate with MiPermit about the telephone not being available at the weekend and refunds for visitor permits booked in advance with no parking available.

To continue to work with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council for use of carparks for hotels. Residents able to use if streets full up.


  1. Way Forward. The Officer suggested that all permit holders petition for a policy review. To look at;
  • Should permits be restricted per household.
  • Should there be a freeze on permits for all new residents.
  • Should visitor permits be restricted, reduced or abolished from 100 per year.
  • Should Guest houses and Hotels have permits restricted or reduced in allowance.
  • Should the One hour wait be reviewed.