1. MiPermit: Discussed but there is no possibility of paper permits again, digitalisation of permits and tickets are the perceived way forward.

Lack of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s). There are 8-10 officers per day to 2,500 streets. The one- hour wait causes difficulties, the CEO has to visit a car at least twice before a ticket can be given. There are too few CEO’S to patrol in the evenings on a regular basis. Safety implications mean that CEO’S have to patrol in pairs.


  1. The Officer agreed that there was an imbalance between the availability of space and eligible permit applicants. He felt that the existing residents permit policy was out of date and not fit for purpose in 2018. He felt that possibly the allocation of permits needed reviewing and the numbers issued to Hotels/Guest houses and businesses were perhaps too generous. However, the Council have to follow their existing policy for the allocation of permits. The policy can only be reviewed by the Permit Holders asking for a Policy Review.


  1. The Parking Services will look at the number of permits to spaces and underline the imbalance.

To investigate with MiPermit about the telephone not being available at the weekend and refunds for visitor permits booked in advance with no parking available.

To continue to work with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council for use of carparks for hotels. Residents able to use if streets full up.


  1. Way Forward. The Officer suggested that all permit holders petition for a policy review. To look at;
  • Should permits be restricted per household.
  • Should there be a freeze on permits for all new residents.
  • Should visitor permits be restricted, reduced or abolished from 100 per year.
  • Should Guest houses and Hotels have permits restricted or reduced in allowance.
  • Should the One hour wait be reviewed.


Car parking area review

The feedback from the County Parking Officer

  • The parking policy as it is for our district and others is out of date and needs reviewing. This can only happen if we let the County know what we feel.
  • Parking Officers have to cover over 2,500 streets and usually about 8-10 are on duty at any time. Evening patrols have a health and safety issue as the Officers would need to patrol in pairs.
  • The County will review the number of permits issued to the number of households, guest houses, hotels
  • The MiPermit is often unavailable by telephone on weekends and getting a refund for unused time when no spaces are available is difficult
  • Can use be made of empty car parks for permit holders?
  • Should there be visitor parking permits?
  • Should the one hour parking be reviewed?

A more detailed report is available at the Park Centre on Chelmsford Rd if you want more information. Or you can read it online.

Fill this form in if you want a parking review.

Future of Park Centre








Weymouth & Portland Free health walk

Why not join and Weymouth & Portland Free health walk today. Our Walks are gentle, enjoyable, on the flat (buggy friendly) and 10 to 45 minutes long.

Walks are free. And our friendly guides make it fun whatever your health needs. Some walkers are recovering from illness or injury, others simply want to rebuild their fitness in an easy and enjoyable way.

Olwen Morgan, from Weymouth, explained why she loves health walks, she said: “I am so glad I joined the health walks, I really enjoy them. I’d injured my back and lost a lot of confidence, joining the walks has given me my confidence back. I feel so much better and it is fun.”

‘I am so glad I joined a health walk’

Ken Whatley, from Weymouth, said: “The walks are great, everyone is friendly and you can go at your own pace. Many of the walks are on the flat and not too long, ideal for anyone wanting to get back into walking. Going on a free guided walk is very enjoyable, I’d recommend them to anyone.”

‘There is no such thing as too slow’

Andrew Harris, Volunteer Walk Leader, said: “Our walks are fun and friendly, there is no such thing as ‘too slow’ or ‘not fit enough’ for our walks. We always have two guides, so people can go at their own pace, one guide leads from the front and the other keeps company with those who prefer a more moderate pace, or simply like to chat and enjoy the view, we really do cater for everyone.”

You may like to become a volunteer walk leader yourself – the next free training course is on Thursday 12th July starting at 9.30am – 3.30pm – all we ask is that you can volunteer at least 2 hours a month.

If you would like a chat to find out more about the walks, ring Julie Hursthouse on 01305 838497

Sing for your Health

 Did you know that singing is good for you?  When you learn new songs, it’s really good for your brain.  Singing can help you breathe better and improve your posture. It can give you a sense of purpose and achievement – but most importantly, you are taking part in a shared activity, which helps boost your spirits while getting together with other people. 

Waterside Singers are looking for more members, so please do come in and join us.  We are a singing group rather than a choir, and we just sing for the pleasure of singing – you don’t need to be an expert singer to join us!  We sing songs and rounds, and sometimes we include harmonies – a good way to keep your mind stimulated, while learning something new and having fun.

Our next session is on Monday 8th January – we start with a warm up at 2.15, and then sing until 3.30.   Sessions are great value at £2.50.

Saturday 2 December saw another highly successful community quiz  at the Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street.

We had 61 residents turn up in 10 teams for our Christmas quiz and all had a  hugely entertaining evening.
A big thanks to all our committe members and volunteers who helped with the event and especially to John for organising it  and to Carol our quiz master and to Genny for the wonderful buffet.
The 10 teams provided another closely fought contest with “Bash St Kids” – winners, “Odds and Sods” – runners up, and “Wild Katz” mystery prize winners.
Moneys from the raffle and various teams were donated to Carol’s chosen charity – so many thanks for everyone’s generosity.
The next quiz is on Saturday 13 January at 7pm, so come along and for £4.00, which includes cash prizes and a delicious buffet, join in the fun.

Saturday 23 September saw another highly successful community quiz at the Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street.

We had 37 residents turn up in 7 teams for a hugely entertaining evening.
A big thanks to all our committe members and volunteers who helped with the event and especially to John for organising it  and to Carol our quiz master.
The 7 teams provided another closely fought contest with “Odds and Sods” – winners, “Back Row” – runners up, and “Eagles” mystery prize winners.
“Back Row” donated to Air Ambulance and “Eagles” donated their prize to the Forum – many thanks.
The next quiz is on Saturday 21 October at 7pm, so come along and for £4.00, which includes cash prizes and a delicious buffet, join in the fun.