WHAT’S ON EVERY WEEK AT THE PARK CENTRE Please phone 839579 for more details on all the activities (Answer phone out of hours)

MONDAY: Little Fishes, Mother and Toddler group. 10am-11.30am

TUESDAY: Short Mat Bowls 10am-12pm

Choir 2.15pm – 3.45pm Short Mat Bowls 7pm-9pm

WEDNESDAY: Luncheon Club 1st Wednesday of the month Over 50’s Club 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, 2pm-4.30pm

Table Tennis Club 6pm-8pm

THURSDAY: Art Group 9.45am- 11.45am Table Tennis 12pm-2pm Whist Club 2.pm-5pm Gateway Club 7.30pm

FRIDAY: Frugal Food 10.30am G Well Dance 4.30pm – 6.30pm Tap Dance 7pm-8pm

SATURDAY: Saturdads – Dads and children Fun.

1st Saturday of each month. 9.30-11am

CLLR JON ORRELL delivered a thought provoking WAR ON DRUGS presentation at the Park Community Centre

CLLR JON ORRELL delivered a thought provoking WAR ON DRUGS presentation at the Park Community Centre on the 16th October. The meeting was attended by 50 residents. He discussed how criminalization and prohibition was assumed to be the answer but this has not worked. Europe, America and Canada are advanced in legalizing drugs and research in these countries have shown that legalizing Cannabis reduces the use of hard drugs. A lively discussion followed which included how to make our town safer and cleaner for all and it was agreed to trust the police by reporting all drug dealing and needle sightings. Discussion on starting up a Lobby group was considered. Updates on this issue will be by poster at the Centre or Newsletter.


PARKING PERMIT REVIEW SNAPSHOT A meeting with the County Parking Officer gave us a snapshot of a recent audit that shows the in-balance of cars to permit spaces. There are 625 potential spaces with 33% more permits than spaces. This includes visitor permits plus blue badge holders. At present they are considering discounted permits with car parks for hotels etc. Business permits continue for vehicles. There is only so much they can do until the new Councils unite in the New Year. We will meet the Officer again December and pass on any news.

OPEN DAY on the 13th October

Thank you for all your ideas. You suggested; A ladies pampering evening in the Spring, Dance activities. Book Club. Family evenings upstairs with Table Tennis, Pool, Snooker, WII & X Box game stations. . Fortnightly Games afternoons on Saturday.

If you would be interested in doing any of these activities, Please let us know. We will let you know when new groups start.

* Did you know you can hire out our Hall for Birthdays, Anniversaries*

A Wedding reception! at a very good price.


This is an initiative by Dorset Welfare Benefits Partnership. If you have any queries about ANY benefit, please ring and they will give you an appointment to suit you.


Every 2nd Thursday each month between 9.30-11.30. For an appointment ring 01305269444 Portland: Every 2nd Tuesday each month between 10am- 12.15pm For an appointment ring: 01305 823789


Every 4th Thursday each month between 9am-12.30pm. For an appointment ring: 01305 269444


Every 1st Wednesday each month between 9.30-12pm For an appointment ring: 01308 424859



  1. MiPermit: Discussed but there is no possibility of paper permits again, digitalisation of permits and tickets are the perceived way forward.

Lack of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s). There are 8-10 officers per day to 2,500 streets. The one- hour wait causes difficulties, the CEO has to visit a car at least twice before a ticket can be given. There are too few CEO’S to patrol in the evenings on a regular basis. Safety implications mean that CEO’S have to patrol in pairs.


  1. The Officer agreed that there was an imbalance between the availability of space and eligible permit applicants. He felt that the existing residents permit policy was out of date and not fit for purpose in 2018. He felt that possibly the allocation of permits needed reviewing and the numbers issued to Hotels/Guest houses and businesses were perhaps too generous. However, the Council have to follow their existing policy for the allocation of permits. The policy can only be reviewed by the Permit Holders asking for a Policy Review.


  1. The Parking Services will look at the number of permits to spaces and underline the imbalance.

To investigate with MiPermit about the telephone not being available at the weekend and refunds for visitor permits booked in advance with no parking available.

To continue to work with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council for use of carparks for hotels. Residents able to use if streets full up.


  1. Way Forward. The Officer suggested that all permit holders petition for a policy review. To look at;
  • Should permits be restricted per household.
  • Should there be a freeze on permits for all new residents.
  • Should visitor permits be restricted, reduced or abolished from 100 per year.
  • Should Guest houses and Hotels have permits restricted or reduced in allowance.
  • Should the One hour wait be reviewed.